All the testimonials I have included below are from clients who have recently worked with me. I have not given the names of the individuals concerned as I am ethically bound to maintain client confidentiality.

"I was lucky enough to come across Raquel via a google search. I was in a challenging relationship which was causing me to drink more than I wanted. With Teba's help I was able to rethink my processes and as well as reducing my drink intake and change some habits, I was able to make a massive move forward with my life". Thanks Raquel

"I had a terrible phobia of public speaking, I don't know exactly how Raquel has done it whether it was the hypnosis of the way in which she explains how the brain works, but after four session I was able to speak in front of an audience of 80 people".

"I came to Raquel with a deep depression, after a few months seeing her once a week, I became a different person, strongly believing in myself again! Thank you Teba

"Although we had only just got started, by just speaking to you and gaining a small insight into how our brains work, plus the relaxation techniques, I have managed to reduce my stress levels".

"Thank you for making an incredible impact on my life.I made a great discovery this week and while I have taken a glimpse of the past, I will keep looking forward. As you say - I can't fix or change the past".

"I had counseling before but I never really stopped going around in circles. The solution-focused therapy has made a difference in my life, looking forward rather than backward is helping me enormously. I am looking forward to our next session".

"I came to see Teba because I was suffering from anxiety and after ten sessions my anxiety stopped. Raquel is professional, discreet and a deep listener. She taught me coping strategies to overcome my anxiety and helped me to make positive changes in my life".

Hypnotherapy works! She is brilliant, I have changed the relationship that I had with food, as Raquel says “most of the time we are eating is not because we are hungry but because we need to fill a gap”. We figured out what that gap was and fill it up with positive actions. The result is I did lose 17lb and all without the pain of dieting.

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Psychologist ( MSc in Psych) 

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