Stop Smoking with Surrey Hypnotherapy

Many people are using hypnotherapy to help them stop smoking – it’s popularity as a treatment is growing, mainly due to its amazing success. I have had a lot of experience with smokers and using hypnotherapy to help them quit.

At Life Acknowledged, we are using Solution focused hypnotherapy to help people to stop smoking.

You can successfully stop smoking with the help of hypnotherapy. Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is quick, effective and a positive experience.  Smoking is a deep-seated behavior is subconscious and this is where hypnotherapy and hypnosis really come into its own. The subconscious mind recognises all those times of day when you reach for a cigarette. It knows all those associations when you just have to smoke – maybe with a glass of wine, when you’re reading the paper or out with smoking friends. With hypnotherapy, you can directly communicate with your subconscious mind to break these associations and stop smoking – forever.

We understand that each smoker is different. Long ago you started smoking for a certain reason and smoking fulfills a certain need within you. We spend time with you to understand this so that we can tailor your sessions to make sure we can pinpoint exactly why you smoke and why you’ll never want to smoke again after seeing us.

Sessions last 2 hours, and cost £120.

We offer a free follow-up, booster session if required, but very rare is need it. So if you lapse or relapse you can come back.

So are you ready to have improved health, increased fitness, live longer, look and feel younger, have a better complexion, feel more attractive, have more energy, have fresh breath, save (lots of!) money, feel great and live longer?

If you really want to stop smoking, we can help you call us on 07468573832


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