I will regularly mention the importance of mindfulness in the treatment of anxiety.


This has been shown to be extremely helpful in reshaping our brain pathways in anxiety. Mindfulness is the awareness which develops when we pay attention to events experienced in the present moment within the framework of our mind/body, in a non-judgemental and accepting manner.


It is increasingly recognised as a very useful tool for assisting those so distressed by negative emotions thatthey struggle to come to terms with the negative thoughts lying beneath.



  • Helps us notive what is happening in our experience, especially when engaging in compulsive patterns of thought such as rumination, which can prompt destructive or addictive behaviour.


  • Offers a way for people to stay with the experiences, including whatever may be unpleasant or difficult, rather than pushing them away.


  • Produces a change in perspective on those thoughts or experiences, enabling people to see that their thoughts are just thoughts, not facts or reality, and that they don't need to be driven by them.


  • Allow us choice. Rather than being driving by compulsive reactions to experiences, mindfulness give us the mental space to respond calmly and differently.


  • Help us to move fromt he world of "doing" to the world of "being".




Here is how it works. Finding a comfortable posture, close your eyes and engage with the following;

Minute 1

Focus your mind on inner experiences, such as your thoughts, emotions and physical sensation. Do not try to change or challange them. Just become aware of them.



Minute 2

Focus on the simple physical sensation of breathingyo, and particularly on your abdomen rising and falling with each breath; again, do not try to control it.

This help us to centre ourselves. This is critical for anxiety.



Minute 3

Increase your focus or awareness on your body as a whole, including your posture, facial expression and sensations. Accept it all completely and without judgement.



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