How to improve concentration and memory for exams

Preparing for an exam and successfully completing it is not just about how knowledgeable an individual is, but also about their state of mind. Feeling calm, relaxed, focused and confident when studying and sitting the exam means an individual will be much more likely to achieve their full potential. Accessing this state of mind is a skill and can often be learned by implementing new ways of thinking using different techniques. 


If you are having difficulty concentrating, or perhaps you already have this skill and would like to take it further. Whatever the reason, if you want to improve your ability to focus your attention on something that you have selected then hypnotherapy and meditation techniques can help you achieve this.



At Life Acknowledged, we make use of hypnotherapy to help you make these changes. Teba Martin will teach different meditation practices that will help you more about how you concentrate at the moment, and to make any useful changes consciously. We use hypnotherapy to communicate with your unconscious, developing the automatic features of accessing consciousness. These techniques are easy and very safe to use, and most clients find them very relaxing as well.

At Life Acknowledged, Teba Martin will help you with:


·       Increase confidence 

·       Increase motivation 

·       Learn how to control anxiety 

·       Increase memory and concentration 

·       Encourage an individual to focus 

·       Overcome fear of failure 

·       Learn how to relax


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