At Surrey Psychotherapy, we provide effective and rapid anxiety treatments using a combination of clinical Hypnotherapy and solution-focused psychotherapy.


Raquel Martin has helped many people to overcome all kinds of anxiety, from specific phobias and OCD to social anxiety. “It really surprises me how many people suffer from anxiety and how little it is being taught about it, at work and in schools”.

She believes that knowledge is power and she helps all her clients to better understand the nature of anxiety by looking at both what it is and what it is not. There is “normal anxiety” (what all animals have, including us) and psychologically, “anxiety”. For example, normal anxiety can be distinguished from fear in several ways. When you are afraid, your fear is usually directed towards some concrete external object or situation. The event that you fear is normally within the bounds of possibility. For example, fear of not meeting a business dateline or failing an exam.

"Psychologically anxiety", on the other hand, you often cannot specify what it is you are a vague, distant, or even unrecognised danger. You might be anxious about “losing control” of yourself or some situation. Or you might feel a vague anxiety about “something bad happening”. This type of anxiety affects your whole being. It is a physiological, behavioral and psychological reaction, all at once!.

Anxiety can appear in different forms and at different levels of intensity. Here are some of the symptoms;



Raquel Martin uses a combination of Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and gives many tools and techniques to clients they can use to overcome anxiety.


  • PSYCHOTHERAPY is a talking therapy were Raquel Martin challenges her clients with cognition. Fearful or depressed thinking is identified, challenged and replaced with positive thinking. She also uses gradually and incrementally "exposure" to help confront fearful situations that you want to avoid because they trigger strong anxiety.


  • HYPNOTHERAPY, she uses a solution-focused approach to reduce the stress bucket with relaxation techniques that will help you to stop your anxiety. One aspect of anxiety is racing thoughts that won't go away. Raquel Martin teaches some meditation techniques to help you with this part of the problem by quieter the overactive mind. Instead of buying into your fearful thoughts, you can start identifying with the silence that exists between every mental action. 


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