Hypnotherapy for Addictions

If you think or feel that you have a problem or you are struggling with addiction, advance Clinical Hypnotherapy for addiction can help.  Addiction hypnotherapy based on Solution focused Therapy can be used to help with many addictions, including:


  • Alcohol Addiction 

  • Drug Addition  - cocaine or cannabis

  • Shopping Addiction

  • Internet Addiction e.g. social networking, chat rooms etc

  • Dieting Addiction 

  • Food Addiction e.g. sugar

  • Video Game Addiction 

  • Nicotine Addiction 

  • Screen addiction 

Addiction hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping those struggling with addiction.  Together we will look for the underlying root cause of your addiction and where appropriate I'll teach you the tools and techniques to help with:


  • Reducing cravings 

  • Management of triggers

  • Building confidence and self-esteem 

  • Help finding stability during the withdrawal process 

  • Self help tools to help you maintain balance and stability and take charge of your recovery Creating short and long term goals for your life beyond addiction 

If you are struggling with addiction or think you might be and you are committed to stopping.  Feel free to give me a call to see how I can help you get your life back on track and become free from what’s holding you back.  Plus, if you don’t see your addiction here, it’s worth contacting me because the chances are, I can probably help.




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