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Children & Teens Hypnotherapy

Teba Martin works with lots of children and adolescents to help them overcome all kinds of issues from anxiety, stress, irrational fears, depression to traumas.

Hypnotherapy works very well with children and adolescents because of their strength in using visualisation, hypnosis and other imaginative methods.

Teba Martin is a fully qualified, insured and CRB cleared Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.


She is a big advocate of Mindfulness and teaching children different types of meditation that will help them with hypnotherapy.

At Life Acknowledged, we use hypnotherapy for children to help a wide range of problems :


Anxiety Lack of Confidence
Depression Sleeping Disorders
Shyness Concentration issues
Stress Bed Wetting
Divorce Eating disorders
Exam Nerves Self-harming
School Problems    Anger Management


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(Teba) Martin-Lopez,


Registered AfSFH, NCH


07468 573832

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