Solution Focused Hypnotherapy,  and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)





Our approach has beneficial results are often achieved faster than with other therapies because we do not focus on the problems, we focus on the goals that the client wants to achieve.


COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY is an evidence based treatment focousing on exploring relationships between  a client's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as contextual and environmental factors that may contribute to the client distress.



HYPNOTHERAPY is psychotherapy and hypnosis with an approach on solution-focused therapy, the client and therapist work together to focus on the changes that the client wants to make in their life. 


Raquel Martin has highlighted a few points for clients to understand how the Hypnotherpy works, she

  • will explain how the brain works in an easy-to-grasp way enabling clients to make practical sense of neuroscience and its application within their everyday lives.
  • would understand that problems do not represent underlying pathology. They're just things the client wants to do without.
  • would always deem the client to be the "expert" on their own lives, and emphasise resources rather than deficits.
  • would use trance (relaxation hypnosis) at the end of each session to enable clients to access their subconscious mind, "the fault mode".
  • would help clients identify and take small constructive steps in the direction of the desired change.
  • would be seeking useful change and positive difference in all phases of the process from before the first session, between sessions and afterward.


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