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Teba Martin is a fully qualified  Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist in Solution Focused Therapy. She also provides a one-to-one Coach for professionals and individuals.


Teba Martin is passionate about psychology and the field of neuroscience. She focuses on helping people overcome all kinds of issues to have a more fulfilled and happy life.


Solution Focused Therapy takes its foundations from the progress made in Neuroscience research and is a modern and practical evidence-based approach.


By targeting an individual's desired future state as opposed to dwelling on past problems, we focus on finding solutions to a person's present situation.


The objective being faster, more effective and ultimately longer lasting changes. It can also provide for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.  


Professional Coaching

Anvanced Personal Development

Surrey-psychotherapy is part of Life Acknowleged Ltd.  We offer one to one coaching for professional people to support them to achieve their desired goals,. We are also providing business with seminars and workshops for their employees and management.

We offer clients Hypnotherapy, a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis techniques. The psychotherapy in itself is extremely beneficial and helps you to address underlying issues.


Surrey Psychotherapy’s office are in Guildford and Esher.  We can help people with

Anxiety  Insomnia
Phobias OCD
Concentration for Exams           Children & Teens
Self Esteem Stress
Anger Management Difficult Relationships
Emotional Eating Divorce
Depression Couple Therapy
Weight Loss  Stop Smoking
Bereavement Addictions
IBS Traumas PTSD

I am a member of the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and National Council of Hypnotherapy (NCH) and CNHC, which means I follow ethical guidelines ensuring that I am working safely and with your best interests.

Anxiety & Stress

Weight Management

Improve Sport Performance

Coping with Grief


Improve your sleep


Boost your Self-Confidence

Relationship Therapy

Children Hypnotherapy

Life Acknowledged Ltd

Surrey PsychotherapySurrey Psychotherapy​M.Solution Focused Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

(Teba) Martin-Lopez,


Registered AfSFH, NCH


07468 573832

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